Answering questions about StoryLove like who’s this for, how does it work and what’s love got to do (got to do) with it? Everything, Tina, everything. Click on the Qs to read the As.

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+ My partner and I are not getting married. Can I still get StoryLove to write our love story?

Yes! All couples can get their love story written: dating/engaged/married/never-will-marry. StoryLove can document your love story up to any point in the relationship.

+ Can I gift StoryLove to another couple?

Yes! StoryLove makes a great gift -- especially for a couple getting married or celebrating an anniversary. Siblings or grandchildren could go in on a group gift and have their parents’ or grandparents’ story written. There is a separate form on the order page for those who want to gift StoryLove.

+ My friend and I love each other but not in a romantic way. Can we get StoryLove to write our friendship love story?

Friendships are awesome, but, at this time, StoryLove is focused on writing love stories of couples in romantic relationships.

+ Can I share the story with friends and family online?

Yes! StoryLove loves when people want to share their love story with others online and just asks that you include attribution.

+ I don’t want my love story posted on the internet. Can I still order StoryLove?

Yes! StoryLove only posts a couple’s love story online with the couple’s permission. You can get StoryLove to write your love story and keep it private between you and your partner or share it with whoever you want.

+ What questions are included in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire gives StoryLove some background on your relationship before the phone interview. Expect to answer questions like, “What were your first impressions of each other?” and “When did each partner know it was love?”

+ Can I modify the packages offered by adding features like another interview?

The three options for a love story are letter, story and novelette. StoryLove would be happy to work with you to add features to one of those options and customize a package for you and your significant other.

+ How much control do I have over what is included in the love story?

StoryLove writes a story based on the information provided in the questionnaire and interview(s). All couples receive a round of edits after reading the first draft and can ask StoryLove to add or remove any details. It’s your love story, after all!

+ I live outside the USA. Can I order StoryLove?

Unfortunately, at this time, StoryLove is only accepting orders from those who live in the United States.

+ What’s the story behind the StoryLove logo?

The StoryLove logo is inspired by the alchemy symbol for a magnet, which is a nod to the force of attraction that brings two people together.