What to Include on Your Wedding Website

What info to include on your wedding website

Wedding traditions change with the times, and what was once important to some brides and grooms may not even be a part of modern couples’ plans.

But is it just me or are we adding way more tasks to wedding planning than we’re subtracting?

Perfect example: a personal wedding website.

Obviously, pre-internet, a website was not on any engaged couple’s checklist. Even a decade ago, guests weren’t expecting a URL to read FAQ about your day. Today, wedsites have an entry on Wikipedia.

Creating a wedding website was one of my favorite parts of planning. I have friends who wouldn’t say the same. However you feel toward building a wedding website, my advice is this: Keep it simple, but make it personal. And at least include the below information.

Love Story

Or, why this wedding website exists. You’re inviting people to celebrate your love, so fill them in on the fun details of your relationship: how you met and fell in love. Psst… StoryLove’s letter offering can write this for you.


At the very least, this is the when and where you printed on your paper invitations so people have access to that very important information at all times. There’s no word limit on a webpage, though, so you can also post all the additional particulars you want to relay to guests, like the dress code, parking situation or wedding party bios.


Include links and details about where out-of-town guests can stay and note any hotel blocks you reserved for the weekend. Make it easy for people to arrange their travel.


Add links to all sites where you registered.

Anything else, like recommendations of things to do in the city where you’ll wed or a place to RSVP, is entirely optional. If you have the above info and nothing else, then feel free to cross off “create a wedding website” on your to-do list.