Wedding Reception Songs Your Guests Aren't Tired of Hearing

Wedding playlist your guests aren't tired of hearing-01.png

Journey, I've stopped believin'. Aretha, with all due respect, my ears don't r-e-s-p-e-c-t hearing your song every wedding. ABBA, I'll be the non-dancing queen if your hit is played.

For good or bad, certain songs have cemented their place in music history. Cemented being the key word because these are songs that will never go away.

I’m not trying to knock the classics. Kudos to those earworms that have reached so many people and stuck around for so long. God knows I’ve enjoyed singing off-key to those tracks on countless occasions.

However, when it came time to create the playlist for our wedding reception, I wanted few of them to be included. Instead, I curated a catalog with other recognizable hits that hadn’t been played to death but could still get our guests on the dance floor -- and keep them there. For months, I kept a list of tracks I heard in stores, from movies and on the radio that I had forgotten about but always loved.

The following songs include many of the tunes played during our reception, which I’m happy to report involved a packed floor the entire night. (Pro tip: If the goal is to have guests dance at a wedding, then the bride and groom need to dance too.)

Music is personal, so it’s hard to create a playlist that everyone can use in its entirety at a wedding. Each group has their own memories attached to songs, and each couple has their own preferences with regards to genre and style.

Feel free to take what you want from the playlist below and follow StoryLove on Spotify to gain easy access to any future collections I’ll share on the streaming platform.