Introducing StoryLove


Welcome to the lovefest that is StoryLove, a brand that celebrates romantic relationships through a new kind of writing service that pens everyday couples’ real life narratives.

StoryLove is founded and run by me, Amanda, a former closet romantic who now flies the love flag high.

A journalist based in San Francisco, I'm more likely to be moved by passages from the Supreme Court's ruling on equal marriage than Hallmark Channel movie plots.

Before deciding to check out entrepreneurship, I spent nearly five years telling true crime stories, an experience that made me acutely aware of all the ways love can be tested and still endure.

I started StoryLove after reading too few professionally written love stories that feature real couples and hearing from too many engaged, non-writer friends who struggled with crafting their own tales to post on their wedding website.

Newly married myself, I wrote the love story of my husband and me for our wedding ceremony. The New York Times published our marriage announcement.

In addition to love stories couples commission me to compose, this site hosts a blog that will highlight the latest news in relationship science, wedding planning advice without the filter and dissections of fictional and nonfictional pairings in popular culture.

StoryLove also sends Love Notes, periodic emails with links to all things romance. Sign up to receive a Love Note and stay updated on other StoryLove news.

In every relationship, the beginning puts the nervous system on overdrive. We're eager and elated, wanting to share all our good vibes with the world. That's me and my business right now, and I'm psyched for you to get to know StoryLove.

When it comes to life and love, I have a point of view. StoryLove has one too, believing the following:

  • Love is personal: Each couple’s love story is different.

  • Love is universal: Everyone loves a great love story.

  • Love is authentic: Sometimes love can be easy and sometimes love can be hard, but love is always real.

  • Love is positive: Love sees the goodness in all things.

  • Love is celebratory: The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return.

The world always needs love (sweet love), but these days it seems like it's necessary more than ever. Check out StoryLove's offerings to see how you can share your love.