How StoryLove Writes Your Love Story

StoryLove steps blog.png

Interested in having StoryLove write a love story but not sure how it all works? I’m breaking down the steps so you know what’s involved. Every love story is completely personalized and customized for each couple, but read on to learn about the general process and what to expect.

If you have questions about any of the steps, don’t hesitate to send StoryLove a note.

Step 1

Choose how you want the love story told. StoryLove offers three options: letter, story and novelette. The order page breaks down the differences.

For those looking for a shorter story to add to a wedding website or share at an event, letter is a good choice. For those looking for a more comprehensive account that makes a good gift, the story and novelette packages include quotes and a designed PDF of the finished product you can print and frame.

Reach out to StoryLove with your selection by filling out the appropriate form on the order page. Heads up: There is one form for when you're ordering StoryLove for yourself and another form for when you're gifting StoryLove to someone else.

Step 2

StoryLove will reply to the form submission by sending the couple a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire gives StoryLove some background information on the relationship before the interview. Partners should expect to answer questions like how their first date went and what they love about each other. The more details provided, the better!

Step 3

Once the couple fills out the questionnaire, they schedule an interview with StoryLove. Hate the phone? We can video chat. Not a fan of Skype and FaceTime conversations? A phone call works!

The number of interviews conducted depends on the package ordered. Letter guarantees one interview, ideally with both partners participating. Story guarantees two interviews, one with each partner. Novelette guarantees five interviews, one with each partner, one with the couple together and two with family or friends who know the partners well.  

Step 4

Using the information gathered from the questionnaire and interview(s), StoryLove writes the first draft of the love story.

Step 5

The couple receives the first draft of the love story and shares their feedback with StoryLove. All couples get one round of edits as part of their package. It’s their love story, after all. StoryLove wants to make sure it’s told right.

After incorporating the couple’s edits, StoryLove sends the final version of the love story to the couple. This one can be shared with family, friends and on StoryLove’s website (but only with the couple’s permission).

Finally, the couple lives happily ever after. That’s how these love stories always end, right? ♥