How StoryLove Can Personalize Your Wedding

Personalize your wedding

Weddings, deeply rooted in tradition, almost always involve the same things: a ceremony where flowers are featured, vows are proclaimed and rings are exchanged; a reception where speeches are given, refreshments are served and dances are performed.

In many respects, there lies something great in that uniformity and predictability.

Couples who go through the rituals can cross off tasks on conveniently pre-written wedding planning checklists. Order flowers? Check. Buy rings? Check. Write vows? Check.

They also complete another seminal life event that has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. Birth? Check. Graduation? Check. Wedding? Check.

Still, each wedding remains inherently different because the people at the center of the celebration change. And these days, engaged couples embrace opportunities to personalize their wedding, choosing to walk down the aisle to a meaningful song instead of a classical melody or eschewing traditional cake in favor of their preferred sweet treat.

One easy way for brides and grooms to make the nuptials feel uniquely theirs is by sharing how they arrived at this juncture in the first place, also known as their love story, what StoryLove specializes in writing.

Personalizing a wedding doesn’t mean changing every detail to something innovative and individualized. There’s no need to throw out the first dance Waltz or multi-tiered dessert adorned with vanilla buttercream.

Sharing the love story will best show who the soon-to-be-married couple really is, and it can be done a number of ways:

  1. Post the love story on a wedding website: Let guests in on the relationship history months before the big day.

  2. Include the love story in the wedding program: Print the origin tale for guests to read on the day-of along with the many names of VIPs and the ceremony timeline.

  3. Read the love story during the wedding ceremony: Ask someone to recite the narrative so the guests hear the backstory before the I dos.

StoryLove can write with any of the three uses in mind.

Bonus: This approach to personalization lets the lovebirds have their cake -- and eat it too (if they want).