Holiday Gift Guide 2018

2018 holiday gift guide

I used to love catalogs and circulars from stores. As a kid, those booklets and leaflets were some of the few pieces of mail directed at me. During the holidays, the circulars grew larger with extra pages to feature additional gifts. The toy and department stores would send you behemoths of books, paper bricks that would weigh so much they would find a permanent spot in your house.

To be clear, some companies still send catalogs via snail mail. In fact, this year, Amazon embraced the olden days before search bars and internet filters to make and send its own print holiday toy catalog.

Still, most gift guides reside online, a more eco-friendly and accessible platform, admittedly.

Here’s one more roundup of suggested presents for you. The following are 10 products I use/read/wear on the regular that I believe could be one of those “I didn’t know I wanted this” gifts, the highest standard in present-giving.

P.S. StoryLove is a great gift too! You can order StoryLove to write the love story of you and your partner or purchase the service for another couple.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Bamboo Firming Fluid


Almost five years ago, my sister gave me a gift card for a facial at a spa where the esthetician introduced me to Eminence Organic products. I got hooked quickly. I’ve absolutely adored the texture and smell of everything I’ve tried, and my skin has felt great after each application. The bamboo firming fluid may be my favorite product Eminence offers. It’s a natural retinol alternative, and it really works in terms of making my fine lines disappear.

Jadeite bowls


I know everyone has been obsessed with jade face rollers for a while now, but I’m over here wanting all the jadeite for my kitchen. We registered for some jadeite tumblers to add a pop of color to our dining set. When we received them, I just wanted more. My husband’s aunt recently discovered my obsession and generously gifted us with a set of jadeite plates she picked up at a market in Florida.

Parchute waffle robe


My husband surprised me with this robe as my Christmas gift last year, and I told him it’s one of the best presents he’s ever given me. Turns out, I’ve been wearing the wrong robes all my life. Terry cloth is not the way to go, trust me. It’s pretty scraggly; it gets wet easily and then weighs a million pounds; it makes most people look like Mr. Snuffleupagus. Instead, try Turkish cotton, which is super soft, lightweight and doesn’t make you resemble a character on Sesame Street.

Moonbeam alarm clock


I recently unpacked this clock from a box of old technology I have been holding onto for who knows why. Back in use, the clock now sits on my desk and provides a nice analog display among my 21st-century electronics. I always appreciate a classic, and this design has been around since 1952. The neat thing about the alarm is that it can wake sleepers up with a flashing light instead of a blaring noise, making for a much more pleasant start to your day.

Bass shoe


I wore school uniforms as a kid, which meant the only fashion decision I got to make were my shoes. At the end of summer, I would visit Foot Locker or another sporting goods shop and pick out a pair of sneakers from the 25 or so options in store. They were supposed to last me all year. In the primary grades, I paired the following Bass oxford shoes with my jumper. In my mid-20s, I remembered these classics, searched the internet to find the same style and ordered an adult pair. They’re comfortable, work with numerous outfits and, as you’ve just read, will never go out of style.

The Female Lead.jpg


After searching for a book I could gift to the ladies in my wedding party, I found this one profiling female leaders in different fields. Turns out, it’s part of a nonprofit “dedicated to making women’s stories more visible and offering alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture,” according to its website. What better way to make women’s stories more visible than by literally putting them on people’s coffee tables, the place where guests most often gather to chat?

Heath Ceramics


For our wedding, we registered at Heath, a company that has been producing handcrafted ceramic tableware since 1948. It was our version of registering for china, although we plan to use the dinnerware every day. Since we opted for a virtual registry that awarded us credit, we haven’t received the pieces yet. Instead, we were waiting for Heath to release new glazes for one of its lines, a refresh just announced. When we created our registry a year ago, we ended up spending three hours contemplating colors at the factory store in San Francisco. Since Heath added more choices, we’re considering other combinations which means we better plan for another three-hour visit soon.

Illume candle


I’m a millennial who lives in a city, and I do most of my shopping online. There are certain things, though, that are more difficult to buy on the internet, like candles. Sure, you can read the descriptions of the scent and hope whatever you choose matches with the copywriting. Or you can trust a recommendation from someone else. We discovered this candle at Whole Foods and now compare all other candles to it. Until the internet develops scratch-and-sniff capabilities, trust me on this rec.

Samsonite luggage scale


I was originally gifted a similar luggage scale by my parents after not knowing such a thing existed. This device has preemptively saved me from baggage fees a number of times. All you do is hook it to your bag, lift and look at the weight. The number will tell you whether you packed too many shoes or can add more pairs of jeans. We all know the person who has to unzip their rolling suitcase in front of the ticketing agent and redistribute the goods to a carry-on. Don’t be that person. Buy this scale.



I was an athletic kid who played competitive sports year-round. As an adult, I have to drag myself to the gym. Those people who go on and on about how much they love to work out? That is not me. However, after downloading Aaptiv almost two years ago, my trips to the gym have been a lot more bearable and a lot more productive. Through the app, you get a personal trainer in your ear who can’t see you, which means you get all the motivation and none of the guilt trips.

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