Fall Wedding Inspiration


October marks the last month of “wedding season,” an increasingly irrelevant categorization as many couples embrace all dates when planning their day. Still, October remains one of the most popular times to get married, along with September and June. Fall has long been my favorite season in general, and the moody qualities of this time of year can translate to a really romantic soiree.

For a fall wedding color palette, I adore yellow gold paired with earthy hues and some jewel tone accents. You can also break out richly textured fabrics like tweed and velvet -- two textiles you wouldn’t want to wear in the summer because hello, sweat. To further set the scene, evening weddings can take advantage of the earlier sunset by lighting clusters of taper candles and letting them drip, drip, drip.

I’ve included below StoryLove’s Fall Wedding Inspiration mood board, a collection of images saved on Pinterest. To get more year-round wedding inspiration, follow StoryLove on Pinterest.