About StoryLove

The greatest gift in life is to love and be loved in return.

The second greatest gift is to document that love through StoryLove.

StoryLove writes true love stories of everyday couples. The couples who grew up down the street from each other. The ones who met through a dating app. The ones who were on again, off again until they were on for good. Whatever the circumstances, a storied love lives in every relationship. With StoryLove, each narrative is completely personalized and penned by a professional writer.

Whether you're an engaged couple who wants your story authored for the wedding, a longtime married couple who wants to commemorate your story as part of an anniversary or a group of friends who want to honor your loved ones' relationship by immortalizing their story in words, StoryLove offers a number of options for you.

Romance is alive and well, and StoryLove is here to celebrate romantic relationships.

StoryLove is here to spread the love.



Amanda Westrich

Founder and writer / StoryLove

Amanda Westrich is just a girl standing in front of the internet asking people to love ... each other.

Amanda is the heartbeat behind StoryLove and the ultimate lover of love stories (as well as '90s romantic comedies by evidence from the above Notting Hill allusion). 

A trained journalist, Amanda traded in her years of writing about true crime to share tales of true love.

She almost always roots for best friends to be together in fictional stories. In real life, she knows it's more complicated. She prefers reading relationship science studies over fairy tale romances but usually ends up poring over both. 

Amanda resides in San Francisco with her husband. Their love story is her favorite.